Your Adorable Amiga

Migoooo 🥺🥺❤️❤️I waited this long because I’d been hoping you’d come back, pick up your phone and say you’re back. You’re the absolute LOML,Best Friend, Prince Charming and my Sweetheart. It’s crazy how we chatted till midnight and the next day, I don’t hear from you only to receive the most devastating news that you’re gone. The ten years we had together was filled with love, laughter and joy. You always made me happy, Baby. You never missed my birthdays, you really cared for me and you loved me dearly. I really don’t know what to say because I never expected I’d be writing you a tribute this early. You always talked about living long and enjoying life. I’m hurt beyond words that you didn’t wait till we’re old and grey before leaving this world. It’s always been you, Vico. My Soulmate frfr, no one else understood me like you. We’re supposed to make more memories, take beautiful pictures, travel the world and just be happy together. Now, I don’t get to do that anymore with my Best Friend ❤️. I miss you every second of each passing day. I’ve been so hurt and I don’t know how I’m supposed to live knowing you’re not here. I miss everything about you, your hearty laughter, your beautiful smile. I miss you so much Baby. I’m grateful I was able to love you in this lifetime. If there’s another life, I hope we meet again and get to complete our love story the right way. I’ll always love you Migo, I love you always and forever Migo ❤️. Rest Easy My Love ❤️


May God comfort all of us who have been hurt by your sudden departure.

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