Adeyanju Kuju

My Dearest Victor….my heart is really pierced.

if I knew I wont see you again,I would have stopped by to say goodnight when I was leaving work yesterday.I can only hold on to the memories of you…

We had plans part of it is having a photoshoot for your next birthday which is a milestone.
You were suppose to get a new box this weekend for your France trip.
We planned when you would take the off you got from winning best staff of the month even though I know your sanguine self will come to play but you promised to do just as we have agreed.
We agreed on the outfit to wear when traveling but had to deliberate on the footwear because you wanted your flat sandal and I said since you want your comfort, slides and socks isn’t bad which you kinda agreed to.
Your plan was to shop this week for your trip.I asked that you get a canvas sneakers and you said just like the type Tope puts on right (Yes).
I made jest of you yesterday that you were already giving airport vibes with your outfit.
No one to call me Yanjukuju (in one word).just because you liked both.
Your words are I’m proud of you and you have done well (I usually roll my eyes sometimes when you say this)
You are brilliant
You are light
You are smart
You are peaceful
You are quiet
You laugh so hard and work very hard
You had a positive mind towards the young lion’s competition
Your vibes are pure….
Thank you for the sacrifices you made so I can be happy
Thank you for your friendship
Thank you for the push
I pray God forgives your sins and grant you eternal rest.
You will always be my guy❤️
I love you ❤️


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