Daniella Nworgu

V!!!!!!!!!!!!..its still surreal.

I remember when we met at MBA school and how I tried keeping my distance but you were not having it at all. You kept pushing until I gave in. And am glad I did. To know you is to love you and more. Mentor as you would fondly call me.

But i can say its the other way round.  Cause I learnt and am still learning a lot from u.

The friendship that blossomed soo much during the pandemic . You practically made sure we saw twice or more every week during all through and would stay so long gisting, chatting and of course eating(u were never picky at all u would eat and still compliment). Our chats about your dreams, relationships, family (always spoke about them with pride and love) friends and of course God.

V!!!!! u practically made sure none of us forgot each other bdays u always made sure your gifts were better than mine.

You would always ask D!!!!..what’s next?

D!!! what do you think…..

And those times you will call D!!!! what’s up am driving down to pick u up let’s hang out.

Whether I was in the mood or not wasn’t an option.

You practically brought Daniella out of her shell bit by bit.

Recently I went through one of the worst phase in my life and called u crying and u went out of ur way to make sure I was okay.

Driving to work together and me bugging u much. And your goofy attempts to speak

Thank you for everything…For sharing, for loving, for giving and you still are.

I remember our last discussion about your football team..Oh they were beautiful..

It’s sooo sad to know you are not here to see it come to play..

I miss u soo much V!!!.. its still a shock to get over. I pray you are finally resting. Cause you deserve it.

I will always remember you smiling.. laughing ..

Rest on V!!!!!!!!









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