Adaeze Ume

Vic my guy. Young CEO and business tycoon as I fondly called you. A part of me still feels I’d see you and you’re not gone, I guess I’m still living in denial. For the past one week, I’ve been reading our chats, looking at our pictures together, watching all the videos and memories we made. I think about our days at Dentsu, our trip to and from work together, our gists, talks, hangouts after a stressful day at work, parties we attended together and everything and I can’t bring myself to believe it’s all gone now. Omo! Victor, them dey use “was” for you now, how pathetic 😭. Victor was a great guy, full of optimism, he gave the best and most honest compliments, his sarcastic ways of talking, funny and loud laughter and witty responses. Victor was a vibe, so full of life, always had a way of making you feel better. I remember the days I’d drag Victor to go to my church with me and on our way home he’d have a lot to say and we’d laugh about it. I met Victor in 2021 but it feels like I’ve known him forever. My superstar Victor, so ambitious, smart, kind, selfless, loved his family and hardworking. You left a footprint in literally everyone’s life. You were a great guy. Getting the news of your death has to be the most painful and heartbreaking thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Victor, I miss you dearly, I really do. What happens to all your plans? Everything gone like that? I ask myself questions everyday, different thoughts go through my mind and I’m just numb.

Rest in peace Champ, Rest in peace my guy🥲💔😭🥹. May the angels take care of you.

May God console your family, Bodun, friends, loved ones and everyone who’s grieving.

I miss you dearly and you’d always be in my heart. Soar with the angels my guy. Till we meet to part no more🕊️🥲💔🥹😭.

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