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Tony Eluemunor

My heart grieves and anguish enveloped my soul since I heard the sad, sad news. Really, I’m not just still in shock; I’m benumbed. Here was a flower in full bloom, a tree reaching to the skies, a young man in true blood and spirit, a young man taking giant strides, a spirit bold and resilient preparing himself as though he would soon get to a sign that would read: “Here’s the world. Take it”. But even the world, as concrete as it is, is just ephemeral…just like ourselves. We come, we go. But you showed immense promise, and you had much to offer…but it all ended so soon. And our souls weep. You have left a deep scar in my heart…for in you I have lost a son, yes a son! Bye, formidable prince. May a flight of Angels sing you to your rest.

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